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This is the document which describes syn. If you don't know how to figure out some stuff you should consult this paper.

syn is an Open Source text and program editor with syntax highlighting for many languages, and some IDE features, like starting a program (e.g. compiler) and capture the output, support for projects etc. syn is written in Delphi (Version 6, Updatepack 2) for maximum performance, stability and filesize, hence it doesn't require any bulky VC++/VB Runtime or MFC libraries!

We try to keep this program as general as possible, to make it useable for many purposes, but the primary intention is the usage in conjunction with compilers and interpreters. This might be the reason that there is so much to configure, and it appears complicated at the beginning. It could also be a good starting point for your own IDE written with Delphi, because the editor part is already done.

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