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13  Default Keyboard Map

You can see the actual list when you use the "Keyboard Map" menu item in the "Help" menu (6.10). The list you can see here shows the preconfigured shortcuts, and, sure, it doesn't show the tools, because there is no preconfigured tool.

13.1  File

Command Shortcut Description
Close Ctrl+F4 Close active Document
Close All Files Shift+Ctrl+F4 Close All opened Documents
Exit Alt+F4 Exit this program
Export to HTML... - Export file as HTML
Export to LaTeX... - Export file as LaTeX
Export to RTF... - Export file as RTF
New Ctrl+N Create new Document
Open from FTP... - Open file from FTP Server
Open... Ctrl+O Open existing Document
Page Setup... - Setup page
Print Preview - Preview active Document
Print... Ctrl+P Print active Document
Properties - Show File Properties
Reopen file - Reload file from Disk
Save Ctrl+S Save active Document
Save all - Save all opened files
Save As... - Save active Document under a different filename
Save to FTP... - Save file to FTP Server

13.2  Edit

Command Shortcut Description
Ansi to OEM - Convert from Ansi character set to OEM character set
Append Copy Shift+Ctrl+C Append selection to the Clipboard
Append Cut Shift+Ctrl+X Cut the Selection and append it to the Clipboard
Capitalize - Capitalize selection
Check Spelling... - Check for spelling errors
Comment - Comment Block
Copy Ctrl+C Copy selection to Clipboard
Cut Ctrl+X Cuts selection
Decrease Indent - Unindent Selection
Delete - Delete selection
Delete Lines Ctrl+Y Delete selected Lines
Delete to BOL - Delete from Caret to the begin of the Line
Delete to EOL Shift+Ctrl+Y Delete from Caret to the end of the Line
Delete Word Ctrl+T Delete Word under the Caret
DOS/Windows - Convert to DOS Linebreak
Duplicate Lines - Duplicate selected Lines
Encoding... - Change Codepage
Format Lines... - Break lines at right Edge
Increase Indent - Indent Selection
Insert Date/Time - Insert the current Date and/or Time
Insert File... - Insert File at Cursor
Invert Case Ctrl+K Invert selection case
Join Lines... - Join selected Lines
Leading Space to Tabs - Replace leading Spaces with Tabs
Leading Tabs to Space - Replace leading Tabs with Spaces
Lower Case - Selection lower case
Modified - Toggle Modified state
OEM to Ansi - Convert from OEM character set to Ansi character set
Paste Ctrl+V Paste Clipboardcontents
Paste special... Shift+Ctrl+V Paste with some options
Read only - Toggle Read only state
Redo Shift+Ctrl+Z Redo last Action
Save... - Save selected lines to file
Select All Ctrl+A Mark all as selected
Select Line - Select entire line
Select to BOL - Select form Caret to the begin of the Line
Select to EOL - Select form Caret to the end of the Line
Select Word - Select Word under the Caret
Sentensize - Sentensize selection
Sort... - Sort selected lines
Space to Tabs - Replace Space with Tabs
Split Line - Split line at caret position
Tabs to Space - Replace Tabs with Space
Trim trailing Spaces - Remove all Spaces from the end of the lines
Uncomment - Uncomment Block
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo last action
UNIX - Convert to UNIX Linebreak
Upper Case - Selection upper case

13.3  Search

Command Shortcut Description
Add Marker... - Add new Marker
Bookmark 0 Alt+0 Goto Bookmark 0
Bookmark 0 Ctrl+0 Set Bookmark 0
Bookmark 1 Alt+1 Goto Bookmark 1
Bookmark 1 Ctrl+1 Set Bookmark 1
Bookmark 2 Alt+2 Goto Bookmark 2
Bookmark 2 Ctrl+2 Set Bookmark 2
Bookmark 3 Alt+3 Goto Bookmark 3
Bookmark 3 Ctrl+3 Set Bookmark 3
Bookmark 4 Alt+4 Goto Bookmark 4
Bookmark 4 Ctrl+4 Set Bookmark 4
Bookmark 5 Alt+5 Goto Bookmark 5
Bookmark 5 Ctrl+5 Set Bookmark 5
Bookmark 6 Alt+6 Goto Bookmark 6
Bookmark 6 Ctrl+6 Set Bookmark 6
Bookmark 7 Alt+7 Goto Bookmark 7
Bookmark 7 Ctrl+7 Set Bookmark 7
Bookmark 8 Alt+8 Goto Bookmark 8
Bookmark 8 Ctrl+8 Set Bookmark 8
Bookmark 9 Alt+9 Goto Bookmark 9
Bookmark 9 Ctrl+9 Set Bookmark 9
Clear all Marker - Remove all Marker
Clear Bookmarks Shift+Ctrl+F2 Clear all Bookmarks
Delete Marker - Delete this Marker
Edit Marker... - Edit this Marker
Find in Files... - Searches for a string in multiple files
Find Next F3 Find next match
Find Next Word Ctrl+F3 Find next match from the Selection
Find Previous Shift+F3 Find previous match
Find Previous Word Shift+Ctrl+F3 Find previous match from the Selection
Find... Ctrl+F Find text
Goto last change Shift+Ctrl+G Move the Caret to the last edit location
Goto next Output Item Ctrl+E Goto next Item in Output or Fin in Files List
Goto previous Output Item Shift+Ctrl+E Goto previous Item in Output or Fin in Files List
Goto... Ctrl+G Goto Line or Column
Incremetal Search backward - Starts/Stops an incremental Search backwards
Incremetal Search forward - Starts/Stops an incremental Search forwards
Match Bracket Shift+Ctrl+B Goto matching Bracket
Next Marker - Go to next Marker
Previous Marker - Go to previous Marker
Replace... Ctrl+H Repace text
Show Caret Ctrl+F5 Scrolls the Window to bring the Caret into view
Toggle Marker - Add or remove a Marker at the current line

13.4  View

Command Shortcut Description
Auto Spellcheck - Toggle Auto Spellcheck Mode
Customize... - Customize Toolbars
Edit - Show or hide Edit Toolbar
File Explorer - Show or hide the File Explorer
Full Screen F11 Toggle Full Screen mode
Highlight Brackets - Toggle highlighting matching Brackets
Main - Show or hide Maintoolbar
Options... - Setup programoptions
Output Window - Show or hide Output window
Project - Show or hide Project Toolbar
Workspace - Show/hide the Workspace Window
Refresh F5 Refresh File Explorer
Run - Show or hide Run Toolbar
Script - Show/hide Script Toolbar
Show line numbers - Show or hide line numbers
Show Whitespace - Toggle Whitespace Display
Status Bar - Show or hide Status bar
Tools - Show or hide Tools Toolbar
View - Show/hide View Toolbar
Window - Show or hide Window Toolbar
Window Bar - Show/hide the Window bar
Workspace - Show/hide the Workspace Window

13.5  Project

Command Shortcut Description
Close - Close current Project
New... Shift+Ctrl+N Create new Project
Open... Ctrl+F11 Open existing Project
Options... Shift+Ctrl+F11 Setup Projectoptions
Sort Files - Sort Project Files

13.6  Run

Command Shortcut Description
Configure... - Configure File Profiles
Configure... - Configure Project Profiles
Parameters... - Add Parameters to the command line
Run File F9 Run active File
Run Project F10 Run current Project
Stop Process Ctrl+F2 Stop Run or Check Process

13.7  Script

Command Shortcut Description
Execute... - Load and execute a Script file
Run Active F8 Assume the active Document is a Script and run it

13.8  Tools

Command Shortcut Description
Configure... - Configure Tools

13.9  Window

Command Shortcut Description
Arrange Icons - Arrange Icons
Cascade - Cascate Windows
Close - Close the active Window
Close all - Close all Windows
Minimize All - Minimize all Windows
New Window - Create new Window from the active Document
Next - Bring next Window to front
Previous - Bring previous Window to front
Tile Horizontally - Tile Windows horizontally
Tile Vertically - Tile Windows vertically
Windows... - Manage opened Windows

13.10  Help

Command Shortcut Description
About syn... - Show programinformation, Version number and Copyright
Help Contents - Show the Helpfile
Keyboard Map - Show Help to Keyboard Mapping
Stefan's Homepage - Open Stefan's Homepage
syn Homepage - Open the syn Homepage and look for News and Updates
Versions... - Show Fileversions

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