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11  Project options

Use this dialog to configure the Projectoptions, you can call it via the "Options" menu item in the "Project" menu (6.5).

11.1  General

Some general stuff, e.g. the project name, the filename of the project, and which files should be loaded when opening this project:
Load none:
no file will be loaded.
Load all:
all files will be loaded.
As in last session:
all files which was loaded when this project was closed the last time will be loaded.
The project name has no effect, except it will be shown in the title bar of syn, and in the workspace.

Use the "Parameters" text box to specify some default parameters to pass to a program which is called via the Run command. It appends this to the command line like the Parameters specified in the Parameters dialog (12.1) , i.e. both are appended.

Use the "Before closing this Project execute" combobox to choose a tool which will be executed when you close this project. This may be useful when you compile a project, with a compiler which generates lots of intermediate files, and want to clean up the directory. You can use a batch file or a DOS command here.

11.2  Files

At this page you can add, remove and swap the files in the project. The order in the list is the order in which the files are loaded, i.e. the last file will be the active one. Use the sort button if you wish to sort the list of files.

11.3  Profiles

The Run (5.1) settings are overwritten with the settings at this page, you can use for each project separate programs to run the project. The programs of the syntax settings are not used as default values. When you've a project opened and you haven't configured this settings you can't use the Run command.

11.4  Tools

You can have for each project additional tools, which you can call via a separate tools toolbar. When not at least one tool is configured this toolbar is not visible. The project tools acts similar to the usual tools you can define with the "Configure Tools" dialog (12.4). Limitations of the project tools:

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