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20  synclp

20.1  License

synclp is Copyright 2002,2003 by Ascher Stefan.

This program is freeware. You are allowed to use and distribute synclp for free, but you are not allowed to sell synclp for profit. You are using synclp at your own risk, no responsibility is taken for damages to your computer system.

20.2  Introduction

This is a small command line tool to copy the profiles from a language to a project file.

Stefan thought it could be useful to have an easy way to copy all profiles, which you have configured for a language to a project. example, you have configured the profiles perl.exe and perldoc.bat for the Perl Language, now you make a Project, and you want to have these profiles also for "Run Project", not only for "Run File".

It just reads the "Profiles" settings from a language, and writes it to a project. This is not a big thing, it just saves some time, maybe.

If the project file does not exist it creates it, but the filename must not be empty. Make sure the project file is not loaded by syn.

This program is highly BETA, don't use it for valuable project files!

20.3  Command line switches

synclp [Options] -lg <Language Name> <Project File>
switch to identify the language name
the name from the language to copy to the project, e.g. ObjectPascal
the filename of the project
Backup project file
No interaction, you're not prompted for a language or project
Silent, no progress
Very silent, no progress, no errors, no prompts
Lists all valid languages
-?, -help:
Show the help
Show version
If the language name or the filename contains spaces, you must enclose it in quotes.

synclp -lg ObjectPascal myproject.syp
synclp -lg ObjectPascal "my great project.syp"

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